MORJIM BEACH: Via the Siolim Ferry
Before 2004, the entire stretch of Pernem district beaches in North Goa were only accessible after crossing a village Ferry that carried people, goods and vehicles over the Chapora River to the other side of Siolim. The route via the ferry was more romantic and relaxing over the meandering Chapora River.

MORJIM BEACH: Via the Siolim Bridge
After 2004, with the modern Siolim Bridge thrown open to all kinds of Vehicular traffic, Morjim and other beaches of Pernem district have become very easy to access by Cycle, Motorbike, Taxi, Public Bus or any other private vehicle.



The extreme North Goa district of Pernem is generally accessed by tourists from Siolim by crossing over the Siolim Bridge. In a series of exotic and exclusive beaches, Morjim is the first majestic beach that one encounters. Seclusion, Serenity & Seabirds welcome you to this beach. This beach lies on the Estuary of the Chapora River. Morjim beach is part of the Morjim village which is predominantly still a fishing community. All along the coastline one will find dozens of colourful wooden boats used for deep sea fishing.

MORJIM: The Mini Moscow of India.

Thousands have made Morjim, especially Vithalwada their holiday home and some 200 plus Russians have purchased properties in Morjim, making it their second home in Goa. Russians love the Sunny climate that Goa offers during their freezing temperatures in their native land and also the wide variety of Seafood that Goa can offer to their delight. The morning walks on Morjim beach are full of the sounds of “Good Morning” in Russian language that is "Dobroe utro".

Vitthaldas Waddo in Morjim, with a huge number of Russian restaurants, Russian language speakers, and a noticeably Russian atmosphere has already been nicknamed Mini Moscow, and Morjim is soon someday going to being known as 'Mini Russia'. Ask any taxi driver in North Goa to take you to Moscow beach and he will drop you off in Morjim.

MORJIM: How the place got its unique name.

Many locals claim that the village name of Morjim is the same name derived from Goddess “Morzai”. According to ancient folklore and traditions, it is believed that the Idol of Goddess Morzai was discovered from the belly of the deep sea and was fished out by local fishermen (Morjey). While some believe she came on a peacock (“MHOR” in local Konkani language) and hence the name Mhor-jim (Morjim).

MORJIM BEACH: Nature’s Mini Paradise

Morjim is a village to be found in north Goa district on the banks of the Chapora River estuary. Surrounded by Arabian Sea and bordered by lush green hills of the Konkan region. Morjim is habitation to a variety of birds and to the Olive Riddley sea turtle. Sanctified with superb picturesque beauty, shiny white sand beach, soothing Chapora river and ever green fields surrounded by coconut palm trees and rich Goan customs makes Morjim beach definitely a "Tourist's Paradise".


Morjim Beach also known as Turtle Beach because the Olive Ridley turtles come here every October / November to lay & hatch their eggs.

NATURE TOO IS ATTRACTED TO MORJIM BEACH: Sea Gulls, Eagles, & many more.

Morjim village and beach is a place to calm down and to chill out, to ones hearts and minds content. Nature lovers will be overjoyed to spot a mixture of birds here like the Cuckoo, Bay-backed Shrike, Turnstones, Kingfisher, Sandpipers, Gulls, Brown-headed, Black-headed and Slender-billed Gulls, Sand Plover, Quill,  along with Crested Terns, Sea Eagle, Osprey and many more. Dolphin spotting is a delightful early morning exercise to sight frolicking Dolphins come up the waters for their early dose of sunshine. Fisher folk of Morjim use their fishing boats to conduct Dolphin Spotting Trips. From the deep waters of Morjim Sea one can see the Chapora Fort in the distance with large stretches of empty sand, plenty of casuarinas trees in the background.

There are few beach shacks and restaurants found at the Morjim beach in Goa that serve delicious meals and fresh fruit juices. Also for accommodation there are some private houses and small Holiday Homes. There are a lot of buses that connect Morjim with Panjim and Mapusa. One of the few good quality Holiday Homes on Morjim beach is Morjim Hermitage Holiday Home offering cottage rooms in modern day Goan Beach Villas besides the Morjim beach.

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